Zach Bryan Teams Up With Maggie Rogers’ For Unreleased “Dawns”

Zach Bryan country music
Trevor Pavlik

Zach Bryan has a slew of unreleased songs that surface here and there, but I might have just become addicted to this one.

“Dawns” was first teased on TikTok back in November, and then again on Christmas Eve with a studio version featuring Maggie Rogers:

And if you signed up for Zach’s Laylo updates, you were texted with the song on Christmas Day.

He’s also promised that it’s coming soon, which in Zach Bryan world could be tomorrow, could be in a week or two, could be longer… but it’s always much sooner than your average artist.

However, the unreleased tune is now on YouTube.

“Leak from unlisted video Zach Bryan posted on his YouTube, and the link was taken down shortly after he had shared it.”

The track also featured indie/alternative artist Maggie Rogers.

Outside of country music, I love Maggie Rogers. She is an incredible songwriter and unapologetically embraces her indie sound.

Honestly never thought I’d see these two collaborating, but holy hell, I am so glad they did.

The sound is a little different from what Zach Bryan usually puts out, but it perfectly combines everything his fans love with elements of Rogers’ sound that her fans love.

The song opens up with soft background vocals and Bryan taking the lead. When the chorus comes around, the melody amps up, and additional orchestral elements give the song so much depth.

When Rogers comes in for her moment after the bridge, she adds to the complexity of the lyrics.

It’s hard to think of a time before Zach Bryan, and he does it again with this song. It should be a massive hit once it’s released.

And I’m begging, please release it SOON.

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