13 Bison Killed After Semi-Truck Strikes Herd Near Yellowstone National Park



According to NBC News, 13 bison had to be euthanized after a semi-truck plowed into a herd on U.S. Highway 191 just north of West Yellowstone, near the western entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

Some of the bison were killed on impact, however a number had to be euthanized following the collision, injuries too severe to recover.

The truck driver was not injured in the crash.

Chief Mike Gavagan says the road is plowed but packed snow and ice make it a difficult stretch of road, one that bison often frequent.

Despite their large stature, bison are notoriously difficult to see on the road due to their dark fur and non-reflective eyes.

Police also added that speed didn’t appear to be a factor in the crash, however conditions did warrant slower speeds.

“We deal with wildlife being struck and killed on the roadways in our area on a regular basis due to the abundance of wildlife in our area and our close proximity to Yellowstone National Park.

We are always saddened by any of these incidents, particularly when so many animals are lost.”

No word on what will happen to the bison meat, however, it’s generally donated in situations like this.

You hate to see it.

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