Deer Tangles With Bobcat & Nearly Pays The Ultimate Price


It doesn’t get any better than this.

A hunter in its best form. An animal taking on another that is much larger in size for nothing but survival.

Deer have it rough, just about everything wants to take them down. They always have to be looking over their shoulder because many predators from coyotes to bobcats and even the odd bird of prey are always after them.

Deer are a fair-sized animal that will provide a few meals for most predators, and tastes very good.

Bobcats are cool little predators. They can weigh up to 35 pounds and will hunt anything they think they can take down, from mice and other small rodents, to the occasional deer.

Considering a deer is more likely to be around or over 100 pounds this is an highly impressive attempt.

This deer is seen walking up a path on a hill. As it approaches a tree it becomes slightly nervous as if something is going on and stops up.

It decides to proceed with caution, almost as if it wants to f*ck around and find out, but after a couple more steps the bobcat jumps up out of the snow and launches the attack. It gets on top of the deer and goes straight for the neck.

The deer jumps and tries to run away as the bobcat holds on for dear life trying to take it down.

The keeps running down hill until the bobcat falls off in the snow. The deer heads as fast as it can for the road and away from this bobcat.

What a wild encounter to see driving down the road… hopefully the deer didn’t become a traffic casualty.

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