Nashville Bar Band Gives Random Mom Chance To Play Fiddle… And She Absolutely Shreds

Fiddle player

More Fiddle.

Earlier this week in Nashville’s Whiskey Bent Saloon, a fiddle playin’ mama brought down the house after being handed one of the band member’s fiddles in the middle of a song.

According to her daughter, who caught the once in a lifetime moment on video, her mother Sue had earlier discussed that she also played fiddle with the band.

However, the last thing the band or the crowd expected when they handed over the instrument was that this fiddler was going to shred:

“Went to a bar in Nashville and my mom told the band she plays fiddle.

The fiddle player decided to hand off his fiddle to my mom mid song and they didn’t expect her to absolutely shred.”  

The video features Sue getting all geared up before playing one hell of a fiddle solo, and in the words of Charlie Daniels, she sawed on the fiddle and played it hot!

@skootbutt123 #nashville #whiskeybentsaloon #fiddle ♬ original sound – olivia reeths 💖

Gotta take that scarf off first…

The moment was so popular with the video’s viewers, that Sue’s daughter later turned her social media account into “a fan account for her parents” where she released another video of her mom sawing the fiddle to the notorious “Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

She also shared that when her parents play the song, her dad substitutes Johnny’s name for Susie, special for her fiddle playing mama.

@skootbutt123 Replying to @quincerely ♬ original sound – olivia reeths 💖

And based on this video’s comments, Susie was a quick fan favorite and a hit with the Nashville crowd.

Even Yung Gravy tuned in:

Fiddle comments Fiddle comments Fiddle commentsFiddle comments

Cue “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.”

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