Yellowstone’s Jefferson White Reveals Some Cryptic Details About Jimmy’s Absence From Season 5

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If you’ve been keeping up with Yellowstone Season Five thus far, then you’ve probably noticed that one character in particular has been completely absent all season…

And it’s no other than Jefferson White’s character, Jimmy Hurdstrom.

Now if you recall, Jimmy was sent off to the 6666 Ranch in Texas to work in Season Four, where he had an emotional departure.

While he was there, he found the love of his life, Emily, and it was really intriguing to see if their relationship would be documented in Season Five.

However, Jimmy has been completely absent so far, and many are wondering if we’ll see him at all this season.

Of course, it was announced earlier this year that basically every important character, including Jimmy, would be returning for Season Five.

And you also have the whispers that Jimmy will be featured as the main character on the upcoming Yellowstone spinoff series at 6666 Ranch, so there is really no telling if this will be the last we see of the guy.

With that being said, Jefferson White may have revealed some very cryptic details about the possibility of Jimmy’s return while hosting The Official Yellowstone Podcast, alongside guest Piper Perabo, who plays Summer Higgins on the show.

Towards the end of the podcast, the two begin to discuss the screenwriting of Taylor Sheridan, and how he creates these characters that can play big roles on the show, but can also be dismissed at any time:

“It’s a thing of Taylor’s of which, you know, he writes these characters that could be easily dismissed under certain circumstances, or some percentage of audience wants to easily dismiss. They wanna say exactly what you (Perabo) just said, ‘Oh, this lady from the coast, she’s coming in here and what does she know?’

Or a character like Rainwater, for instance, in season one, who the audience might have wanted to conveniently, easily dismiss, and then Taylor sticks with these characters over time, they grow more and more complicated, you come to see their perspective. The characters themselves are listening and learning.”

White then leans into how Summer kind of portrays that role, and he also admitted that he’s stoked to see what else is in store for Perabo’s character.

And Perabo admitted that there is so much more to come with Summer:

“Bro! It’s just the beginning! 

I know I’m not allowed to say what happens, but it gets so hardcore, I mean people are gonna go nuts. It’s so out of control. I literally sent a picture to my mom after one day of shooting and I’m like, ‘I can’t tell you everything but this is happening,’ and my mom was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ It’s so, so crazy what happens.”

White also added that he feels the same about his own character:

“Any time some sh*t happens to Jimmy, I have to warn my whole family really explicitly. I don’t know about you but I’m always playing these characters who generally speaking deserve to get the sh*t kicked out of them and then do. 

So my poor grandma, it’s like she’s seen everything conceivably bad happen to me. She’s watched me get stabbed, thrown off cliffs, exploded, shot… sorry Grandma.”

That’s when White may have let some important information slip, which may have been an answer to Jimmy’s future in Yellowstone Season Five:

“Do you know what makes it a lot easier?

Never setting foot in Montana one time this whole season, it really make it a lot easier. It’s been way easier to keep a handle on the spoilers when I didn’t see it go down.” 

Now, is he just messing around with us and setting up for a surprise return of Jimmy at some point this season? Is Jimmy actually not coming back to the ranch in Season Five? He’s still on the show, right?

In Episode 7 we saw Beth on the horn with the 6666’s Ranch (where Jimmy works in Texas), and we also saw her father on the phone with them, looking for a placed to send his cattle. However John will be taking the herd to land in Eastern Colorado, not West Texas.

So it still remains to be seen if Jimmy will show up in Episode 8, “A Knife & No Coin,” or if we’ll have to wait until the second half of the season (airing sometime in the spring). My hunch is that we’re not going to see Jimmy at all until the second part of the season.

Remember this season (14 episodes) will be released in two parts, with the final episode of Part 1 airing this Sunday, New Year’s Day.

Stay tuned…

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Jefferson White On His Newfound ‘Yellowstone’ Fame

The man, the myth, the legend… the great Jefferson White, better known as Jimmy on Yellowstone, made an appearance on the the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast.

The guy plays a huge role in the show as arguably the most popular ranch hand, who is now crafting his own story down at the iconic 6666’s Ranch down in Texas.  Plus, everybody loves a good comeback story and Jimmy went from being a dumbass meth cook to the the loveable idiot of the Yellowstone Ranch.

While he was on the pod, he mentioned that he can’t even put into words what Yellowstone has meant for him and his career, and how it opened up a new world of culture that he was unfamiliar with beforehand.

He even talked about how everywhere he goes, he constantly gets called Jimmy, and even better, he’ll often hear Rip’s iconic “shut the fuck up Jimmy” line from people as they pass by.

“I get a lot of ‘SHUT THE F*CK UP JIMMY’ from across the street. I’ll be walking down the street in Texas and just hear ‘SHUT THE F*CK UP JIMMY,’ so I give ’em the thumbs up and keep going.”

He also talked about how much the show has opened up his eyes to the cattle ranching and cowboy world, and how heading the Yellowstone podcast has helped him learn.

Jefferson the actor, and Jimmy the character, on similar journeys:

“Ya know when I first started doing this show four years ago, I didn’t really know anything about the western world. I didn’t know anything about cattle ranching, about cowboy’ing, riding rodeo, about any of this stuff, so the last four years has been a real crash course for me.

And ya know alongside Jimmy, that figures out where he fits in this world, I’ve been diving in myself and spending this time trying to learn basically.

This podcast has been an opportunity to deepen that learning, and continue to screw it up. To dive into this culture and this community, especially because this is a lifetime pursuit.”

White also talks about the transformation of Cole Hauser, going from this clean shaven actor to the bearded cowboy Rip:

“It’s both a transformation and also, in acting there’s sort of a constant question. Are you transforming into this character, or are you revealing some part of yourself that is this character, ya know?

And the amazing thing is I’ve only known Cole through the process of working on ‘Yellowstone’ so for me, as long as I’ve known Cole he’s been Rip.”

He also discusses how awesome it is to actually work on a real ranch in Montana for the show, instead of acting on some set pretending like you’re in Montana.

Can you imagine? Getting to work on some of the most gorgeous land in the United States?

That’s truly something special within itself.

The podcast is available everywhere. Download the podcast on Apple Podcasts by searching “Whiskey Riff Raff” or click here.

We’re also available on Spotify and wherever else you can listen to podcasts.

Cheers, y’all.



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