Trespassing Hunter Stumbles Into Trap & Gets Blasted With Paint

hunter inked

Sometimes, you get what you deserve.

Trespassing has been a battle between hunters and landowners for a long time.

The landowners have every right to keep people off their property and it’s hard to blame them for wanting too. If owned a nice piece of hunting ground only me and my closest family and friends would be allowed to hunt there.

And even if you don’t hunt, do you really want strangers shooting on your land, you don’t know them and they probably don’t know the land well. They fall out of the tree stand and sue you… not worth it.

Public land is always filled with other hunters in areas where these game animals live. Hunting pressure is high and it can become incredibly frustrating after putting in hours of work to get ready for a hunting season.

Nothing worse than running into 20 other dudes in the woods…

The freedom of hunting private land is one that every hunter dreams of.

Sometimes, you can even get lucky and get permission to hunt someone’s parcel of land that you don’t own. Many people grant permission all of the time until other people decide they can use freely and ruin it for everyone.

Don’t be that person. Just ask, if the answers no… ask someone else. It’s easy and respectful, hunters don’t need anymore reasons for people to hate on them.

This landowner had enough.

The signs hung up to keep people away clearly weren’t working so this land owner decided to get creative.

Clearly, he did his homework and knew exactly where people were entering his property. The land owner set up a boobytrap for the ages… and even set up a camera to film the action going down.

A hunter is seen walking through the woods. You hear a loud noise that nearly sounds like a gun shot.

“Son of a bitch…”

Something lands all over the hunter, who starts to stumble around wiping the stuff off of him. As he turns the man seems to be coated in paint.

He attempts to clean up his gun and his glasses but seems to struggle…

“God damn…”

I bet this land owner laughed for days after picking up his trail cam.

This is pure comedy.

And this hunter is clearly old enough to know the difference, he’s not some idiot kid trying to find a way to hunt for the first time. The landowner is just lucky the gunshot didn’t give him a heart attack.

Unless the paint is bright blue, I would think I just got shot

I’m sure the trespassing hunter learned a lesson in this one… or, at least I hope he did.

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