Deer Literally Go Flying By Man Standing In The Middle Of Massive Stampede

deer stampede

Man, you would’ve thought these people ended up in the North Pole.

If you haven’t ever seen deer jump, it’s a pretty wild scene.

They practically glide through the air like they’re literally flying, and although I’ve never gotten to witness this majestic scene in person, I’ve seen enough videos to know that these things have some hops.

Hell, I saw one video where a large group of deer are crossing a busy highway, and some of them completely hurdle cars (except for one, he didn’t quite get up high enough). Imagine telling your insurance a stampede of deer stomped all over your car…

Many may not know that white tail deer can jump up as high as 7 feet, and as far as 30 feet with a running start. Pretty damn impressive. But it’s the Jordan-like hangtime that will leave you in awe.

Here is yet another example.

Here we have what appears to be a group of hunters out in the woods (they’re wearing orange and yellow), when a massive group of deer begin to charge directly towards them. It’s hard to say for sure what species it it, since it looks like somewhere in Europe it could be red deer, but I can’t get a good look.

You can see off in the distance, a number of the deer completely glide over the trail to the other side, as several others are following behind.

And on top of that, there are a number of deer charging directly towards the videographer as well, narrowly avoiding him, and one even appears to nearly leap right over him for a split second.

Although the guy filming sounds pretty excited, you can’t help but think he got a little bit nervous when he saw those creatures coming directly towards him.

Check it out:


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