Pennsylvania Man Brings Pregnant Waitress To Tears With $1,300 Tip

Waitress tip

It seems like everyday, you flip on the news and see the next awful thing that’s happened in this world.

However, every now and then, you see something great pop up, to remind you that there are still a ton of great people left as well.

Just take this as a prime example.

A waitress from York County, Pennsylvania has gone viral, after receiving a $1,300 tip at the Stonybrook Family Restaurant in Springettsbury Township.

The man seen tipping is Jamie Carmen of York County, who says he was inspired by a previous act of kindness he saw, according to FOX43.

He told the outlet:

“Last year, I saw something on social media where a group of people went for breakfast or lunch and they all brought $100 to tip the waitress. That inspired me.”

Carmen decided to do the same thing, but bigger.

He pulled some friends together and went out to eat, where  Ashley Barrett ended up serving them.

“Ashley definitely was deserving and she was very thankful. She’s a single mom with another baby on the way. She needs wrist surgery after having the baby, so she’s going to be out of work. It was meant to be.” 

Out of the $1,300, he told Barrett to give the $300 to the rest of the servers, and keep the $1,000.

But Carmen wants everybody to know that it doesn’t have to be a large tip, it can be any kind of act of generosity:

“I’ve had several friends message me saying they’ve helped other people since, so it’s snowballing in the right way.”

It’s easy to see that Barrett was very thankful, as you see her begin to shed tears.

Much respect, Mr. Carmen.

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