Parker McCollum Drops “Lessons From An Old Man” Teaser, A Song Off The Upcoming Album

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Parker McCollum has been one busy dude here as of late.

Back in August, McCollum dropped the honky-tonk heartbreaker “Handle On You” that has taken off big time for him, and most recently, he dropped his highly anticipated single “Stoned.”

Not to mention, the guy is gearing up to drop his fourth studio album next year.

With that being said, the guy just teased a brand new song on his Instagram page, and boy, it looks like this one’s gonna cut deep.

The song is called “Lessons From An Old Man.”

We’ve all cherished some good advice from one of our older relatives, or just an older friend who’ve you encountered over the years, and that song is all about that.

The lyrics speak for itself:

“Big high crown hat
And a beat up old Dodge
Could still smell the cigar
The diesel burning hot
He leaned way on back
To take one more puff
He’d say ‘I don’t know it all boy, but I know enough…”

Needless to say, I can already tell that this one has stone cold country written all over it, and a bit of a good ol’ ’90s country feel to it. A number of fans got a sense that it harkened back to his debut album, The Limestone Kid, and I can’t disagree.

Between “Handle On You,” “Stoned,” and now “Lessons From An Old Man,” this new album has the potential to be his best work to date.

Check it out:

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