Spearfisherman Nearly Gets Run Over By A Boat In Heart-Stopping Video


Wow… that was a close one.

It almost seems like a scene from a movie because it is so intense.

Spear fishermen are some of the most thrill-seeking folks around. Normal fishing doesn’t do it for them, so rather than a line and a pole, they need to gear up, dive deep and spear some fish underwater.

Spearfishing is like a crossover between hunting and fishing. Using a spear gun, the fisherman swims down, finds were the fish are and has to get close enough to shoot without spooking them away. Basically, it is underwater hunting.

It is a more intense way of going about things for sure, but this fella had is day spearfishing get a whole lot more intense than normal.

The man is seen swimming around at the bottom of the ocean with his speargun in hand. He decides to head up to the surface for a breath of air.

The man pops his head out of the water and coming straight at him very fast is a big ol’ boat.

The man dives down and gets below the boat just in the nick of time.

As he resurfaces, he confirms to the boater that he is ok, still trying to grasp the fact that he nearly just died.

An important thing to note is that the spearfisherman takes the blame for diving without a buoy… so take notes, people. Don’t forget your buoy when you’re diving like that.

In a rather hilarious turn of events, he invited the guy who almost ran him over to church:

“Hey, would you wanna study the Bible or come to church at all?”

Gotta love it.

As he explains, the only injury was to his dive fins:

“Spearfishing at Magic Island in Oahu Hawaii. I suffered no injuries but my dive fins got cut (a very expensive pair) but luckily I had no injuries from the experience. God was watching over me that day. All glory to God!”

I bet this fella had an extra thrill while out for this spearfishing trip.

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