Hunter Gets Smacked Square In The Chest By The Falling Goose He Just Shot

Goose hunter

THAT’S gonna leave a mark…

When it comes to stories about someone getting the ever livin’ sh*t knocked out of them, it typically involves somebody getting rocked on the football field, maybe a fist fight in a bar, maybe they wipe out on the wakeboard or crash on a bike…

But a goose falling from the sky?

You don’t see that every day…

Here we have a few hunters out for a day of slaying some geese.

Once they notice a flock of geese flying in the distance, they begin to take advantage of their calls and decoys.

Sure enough, the geese begin to fly over the blind, and the hunters rattle off a few shots.

One of the geese got hit, and began to fall out of the sky. As the hunter focuses his eyes on the next goose, he gets straight up bulldozed by what I’m gonna call a good 7-10 pound punch in the chest.

The goose hit him…

While his buddies cheer on the harvest, he’s on the ground gasping for air. The lifeless goose practically on his lap, headed towards the afterlife, but not before he could get his revenge.

His buddies soon realize that he’s not okay, and begin asking if he’s alright.

And with a few gasps, you can hear him say:


Luckily, it seems like he was ok, but he might’ve been left with a busted rib or two.

Head on a swivel when you’re out in the blind, fellas.

And as unusual as this may be, it sure isn’t the first time.

Watch this dude get knocked out cold.

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A beer bottle on a dock