Caiman Immediately Regrets Biting Into An Electric Eel


We all know that the gator family (crocs, caimans, etc…) are some of the most feared creatures on the planet.

Their ability to disguise themselves, and blend in with muddy water, can make them incredibly difficult to detect, and can sneak up on you at any minute.

And if you think you have a much better shot on dry land?

Think again, because alligators and caimans can run up to 20 mph on land. Granted, the probably won’t chase you very far, but make no mistake, they can move.

And that’s why I tend to stay away whenever I accidentally hit my ball into the water while playing golf in Florida…

It just ain’t worth losing a limb, or, you know… your life.

However, judging by this video, it appears that this caiman may have discovered its ultimate match…

And it’s the electric eel.

Electric eels are indigenous to South America, and their one defense mechanism?

You guessed it… electrocution.

These creatures have the capability of delivering electric shocks up to 860 volts, so needless to say, they are not to be messed with.

In this footage, you can see a South American fisherman reeling in an electric eel.

However, there is a caiman lurking right beside it, so the fisherman isn’t making any further moves. It’s almost like it is contemplating whether he should eat the eel or not…

And as soon as it attempts to, it immediately regrets the decision.

After the caiman takes a bite, you can see it begin to convulse, shaking profusely. And by the end of it all, it’s completely unresponsive.

Of course, electrocuting something biting you is only going to make their jaw lock up, so unfortunately for the eel, he succumbed to the bite. But hey, he took the caiman down with him.

Survival of the fittest, as they say. Check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock