Bear Cub Scares The Crap Out Of Mountain Biker On The Trail

bear cub biking

That’s a little more adrenaline than expected…

There’s just something about bears that always makes you laugh or… panic.

Even though most times you see one they run the other way, there’s always the thought of having one come at ya.

Having any bear encounter is always cool, but having a close one makes your heart rate sky rocket pretty quickly.

Black bears aren’t as big as one would think, with males weighing just above 200 pounds on average and females 140 pounds. That’s why the advice for a black bear attack is to try and fight back. There’s a legitimate possibility of you taking that thing on and while you probably won’t win, you can put up enough of a fight to make it not worth the bear’s time.

But, that doesn’t mean we want close encounters.

This mountain biker had an encounter as close as you can get… a rather harmless one when it was all said and done.

While out for a day on the trails in Snowshoe West Virginia, he was recording his run on video. Ripping along a young black bear got spooked by him coming in and took off running.

The bear is seen running beside the biker then getting in front of him as the biker tries to slow down.

“We were biking down the Skyline trail at Snowshoe Bike Park Sunday morning, and saw the bear cubs off to the right of the trail before one ran out in alongside me.

We looked out for the momma bear but didn’t see her around and kept moving. There were two other bikers behind me. There had been many recent bear sightings in this area.”

Talk about a thrill you weren’t expecting.

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