Sneaky Bobcat Stalks Chicken Coop In Washington State

Bobcat coop

Looks like this bobcat was ready to take home some dinner.

First off, just imagine working in your barn, and hearing something crawling around on the roof, and not realizing that it’s a hungry bobcat sitting there ready to turn your chickens into food.

Absolutely no clue.

Luckily enough, this person had security footage to document it all…

This video takes place in Woodinville, Washington, where you see a coop full of chickens just hanging out.

However, these chickens more than likely began to see their lives flash before their eyes when a bobcat began to peak around the corner, spotting them.

And from a different angle, you can see the bobcat jump on top of the roof, and begins to make its way closer and closer to the group of chickens.

Luckily for the chickens, they were enclosed and fenced in, because you can tell that the bobcat had its eyes set on one chicken in particular, and was willing to make a move if possible.

It’s pretty crazy to see a bobcat out on somebody’s property in the broad daylight like this, because they’re typically pretty sneaky and cautious, and try to avoid human interaction as much as possible.

On top of that, bobcats typically don’t prey on domesticated animals, whether it’s farm animals or dogs and house cats, but it’s definitely a possibility if the opportunity presents itself.

The owner of this coop stated that the bobcat has gotten into the coop before, however, none of the chickens were harmed.

Check it out:

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