Ernest Releases Acoustic Version Of Steel-Soaked Single, “Comfortable When I’m Crazy”

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And Ernest brought in a heaping does of it on his song “Comfortable When I’m Crazy,” which was included on his Flower Shops (The Album) that came out in May.

Yesterday, he released a beautiful, stripped down version of the tune for his Salvage Sessions series, which of course, I already love more than the original.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, but you simply can’t beat hearing any song in its purest form, being performed by the person who actually wrote it.

A co-write by Ernest with Rodney Clawson, he details how, though he tries to do the right thing and stay on the straight and narrow, he only feels like himself when he’s being a little insane:

“Heaven knows it’s all my fault‘Tween you and pills and alcoholI’m out here drownin’ damn near every nightI try to pray, but no one’s thereSo I numb it up ’til I don’t careAbout these neon demons that I fightOh, I ain’t a bad guy, but baby, I ain’t no saint”

Aside from his “Flower Shops” duet with Morgan Wallen, this was up there as one of my favorite tracks on the record.

It’s also one of the more unique settings I’ve ever seen something like this filmed at, but they managed to drag the ol’ steel guitar out to the salvage yard anyways, so that’s more than alright by me:

“Comfortable When I’m Crazy”

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