Mountain Lion Struggles With A Big Ol ’Colorado Buck

Mountain lion

That’s a couple of tough and determined animals.

Nature is an unforgiving place. Everything needs to eat, and half the animals need to eat meat.

It’s a harsh reality for a lot of folks, but it’s the way it is.

But, there’s something about taking out a beauty buck like this one that seems to be similar to salt on a wound. It just stings a bit more than the others.

It’s selfish in the sense that candidly… I want to eat that buck, but hey, all hunters would agree.

These fellas were hanging out when they witnessed something wild right in their Colorado backyard.

A mountain lion was attached to a beauty mule buck. The buck is fighting with everything it has and is doing a pretty good job considering the mountain lion is attached directly to its neck.

The deer fights with all it has but, in the end, succumbs to the power and preciseness of the cat.

They are just pure killers. Even the large, mature males of a species struggle to fight off one of these killers.

What a wild encounter to have right behind your house.

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