Billy Strings’ Cover Of “How Mountain Girls Can Love” Is Damn Near Perfection

Billy Strings country music

Billy Strings does it again.

I am so here for finding videos of Strings once again paying homage to a bluegrass great before him. On deck for today, we have Strings from 2021, performing a tune from the stellar Stanley Brothers at the State Theater in Portland, Maine.

The short and sweet two-verse song flows quickly from one verse to the next. With fast picking and heavy twang on the vocals, the listener can’t help but tap their foot along.

The original studio version has a heavy bluegrass melody, with the harmonies being a shining moment in the tune.

Strings adds his rock flare to the traditional bluegrass sound bringing in many other string instruments to give it a more dynamic and fulfilled sound.

It’s great, and the crowds’ roar shows that they eat it up as well.

I’ve said it before, but one thing I respect the hell out of Strings for is paying respect to those who laid a foundation in bluegrass. He has an unbelievable talent, and his cult following has given him an even more unbelievable platform. It’s incredible that he chooses to use it to shine some light.

Keep it up, Billy Strings, I’m a fan for life.

Here is the original by The Stanley Brothers for comparison.

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