Wisconsin Hunter Bags Buck With Help From An… Emu?

Hunter Wisconsin

Yep, this is a first for me.

According to FOX 11, a Wisconsin hunter was out deer hunting, when an incredibly unlikely visitor decided to join in on the action.

Asher Torbeck, an Appleton, Wisconsin native and Waunakee police sergeant told the outlet:

“There is a high fence deer farm behind me and I looked over there and I saw something walking with two legs and I’m like what in the world is that?”

And believe it or not, the creature was an emu, walking right under the tree on his family’s land, where he’s hunted for the past two decades.

He continued:

“It was kind of bizarre. I’m like, why did an emu just walk under me?”

And the next day, he spotted the emu walking near him again:

“The emu stands up real quick and the deer stops in his tracks and now they’re just looking at each other like, what in the world are you?”

The two then stared each other down for about 10 minutes, and the deer eventually turned, giving Torbeck a perfect shot:

“I thought, who else can say they shot a buck while an emu was running a distraction for him, so I ended up shooting the buck and looked over at the emu I thought that big bang I hope I didn’t scare it.

I didn’t even think of that. I look over and the emu is still standing there, I’m like, OK.”

Torbeck noted that he didn’t even get a picture with the deer, adding that it was one of the smallest deer he ever harvested. However, he wasn’t worried about the deer at all, and was wondering how in the hell he ended up coming across an emu.

And on the day after, he had a run in with the emu again.

He ended up snapping a few selfies with the bird, just to prove to friends and family he wasn’t lying. He then followed the emu back to the brother of its owner, Summer Theys, a 16-year-old who owns three pet emus, and all of them had escaped their Cecil enclosure a few days before Torbeck’s hunt.

He also hilariously joked:

“When he gets there, we’re told that if you put a sock over the emu’s head that it would go docile. So we’re like, OK, we’ll give it a shot.”

After a few valiant efforts, he was able to successfully place the sock over the emu’s head:

“I let go and her head is waving all over the place. Me and the brother were like we got to do something here because she’s either going to run off into the woods with a sock over her head or she’s going to hit her head on something.”

The pair was then able to successfully pick the emu up and take her back to Theys, reuniting with Limu the emu and the other two pets, Tweety Bird and Peep Peep.

Theys was very grateful to have the birds returned:

“I’m just relieved that they’re all back home and safe and nothing got to them. I’m just overjoyed that they’re all back home.”

Needless to say, this is a story Torbeck will never forget.

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