Deer Takes On Inflatable Frosty The Snowman In Texas Family’s Front Yard

Deer frosty

What kind of twisted story is this one?

I don’t remember Bambi and Frosty every colliding and if they didn’t I can’t imagine it going like this.

Wildlife can be hilarious sometimes though.

With ongoing development of cities and towns, people are taking up more and more of these animals’ habitat each day. They are learning fast and can survive just fine in human areas. Deer in particular are doing very well in urban environments.

All across North America there are countless towns battling the deer take over. There’s a few options on how to combat them and minimize the damages but the only real effective way to get rid of them is by removing them from the population.

That’s a method I can get behind because it usually means an extra deer tag and being able to legally hunt right in the middle of town. Of course, these deer culls come with strict rules but I’m still game for it.

The deer move into towns due to low predation, lots of available food and no hunting pressure.

As the deer move to town to eat our flowers, trees and gardens, it’s safe to assume they are going to encounter things they have never seen in the woods before.

Of course, some of these encounters are going to be hilarious, just like this one.

A family in Austin, Texas, set up their holiday decorations like we do this time of year. On their front lawn was a large inflatable Frosty the Snowman.

A deer wandering through, came across this decoration and didn’t know what to think. The deer checks it all over and walks around it.

Very confused by the object, the deer decided to act aggressively and straight up square off with frosty.

This deer defiantly isn’t related to Rudolf…

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