Yellowstone Stories From The Bunkhouse: Jimmy, Ryan & Colby Talk Beth Dutton (& Summer) Doing Jail Time

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Yellowstone is back at it again with “Stories from the Bunkhouse,” and this time, Jefferson White, Ian Bohen, and Denim Richards are recapping episode four of season five.

They kick things off by hilariously giving their best mugshot look, as they discuss Jamie getting Beth out of jail after her brutal bar fight in Bozeman.

They then list all of the characters on Yellowstone who’ve spent time in jail, like Lloyd, Walker, Jimmy, and now Beth.

Beth got assigned community service after they minimized her charges from aggravated assault to disorderly conduct, and they all discuss the worst community service jobs possible for Beth, from reading to children, picking up trash on the side of the freeway, to parking cars at a bar.

The trio then discuss John picking up Summer from jail, so he can have an environmental counselor to share opinions with now that he’s governor of Montana.

White says:

“His new found power is to commute Summer’s sentence.”

Bohen adds:

“I think he feels bad that he put her away for, wasn’t it like four years, five years?”

Yet also he’s using her for his own personal gain as well.

And now that Summer is back in the Dutton house, Beth isn’t too happy.

Bohen explains why he thinks that is:

“She’s passionate about how she feels, and she makes no bones about it, and her stance about environmentalism, against sort of ranching life is it’s contrary to everything that the family is and does.”

White adds:

“Yeah it’s really interesting, it seems like Beth and Summer are probably really similar in some ways, they both have a pretty rigid ideology that they are attached to.

Those ideologies are mutually exclusive. The thing that John Dutton does that’s fascinating, is I think he has a lot he wants to teach Summer, but I also think he has a lot that he wants to learn from Summer.

John is willing to listen to Summer, and I think that drives Beth nuts.”

They then take a little break from the seriousness by discussing how each worker on the Dutton ranch would handle legal situations.

Then, they get back to it with the serious stuff, discussing the heated exchange between Jamie and Beth after she finds out that Jamie has a son, which she believes isn’t fair because he’s the reason she’s infertile now in the first place.

White says:

“These two characters have kind of traded power back and forth and traded secrets back and forth for years. Jamie has had very little privacy. In season four when he meets his real father, he sort of has this relationship, he has this child, it’s this little life distinct from the Duttons and the ranch.

It’s like this beautiful little thing he has for the first time in his life. And Beth has gone about systematically dismantling that. The child is this last little beautiful secret, that he’s managed to keep safe from Beth.

It’s particularly painful for Beth to imagine Jamie with a child, the thing that she has perhaps missed or feels missing in her life.”

They then discuss the moment when Jamie has an opportunity to hit Beth with his car, but chooses not to.

Richards explains why he thinks he didn’t do it:

“Maybe he needs to prove to himself that he’s not what they think that he is. If he kills her, it’s almost like she’s right about everything.”

Bohen added that Jamie also knows that Beth is the only one who can save the ranch.

You can check out the full video here:

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