Been Wanting To See A Full Billy Strings Show But Can’t Make It To One? Look No Further

Billy Strings country music
Joshua Black Wilkins

It is no secret that my love for Billy Strings is a borderline, if not a full-fledged, obsession.

I consume so much of this man’s content it has to be unhealthy. But… in my defense, Billy Strings is bluegrass royalty and is phenomenal to watch, especially on stage.

From his insane guitar-picking skills and jam band style while performing to paying homage to the bluegrass greats before him, he knows how to work the crowd.

Billy Strings is 100% on my bucket list, but sadly, I have not yet made it to one of his live shows.

Strings has been live streaming a few of his last shows, and I have tuned into them, and they are phenomenal. It’s a perfect idea to get more of his fans engaged with him when they can’t physically be at the venue.

If you missed the live streams or were not aware of them, I’ve got you covered.

I found the full show from his time at The Metropolitan Opera House in Philadelphia on YouTube. This two-and-a-half hour is well worth your time. It’s incredible. He plays all of his well-loved tunes along with great jam sessions for his lesser-known songs.

It is a great mix to highlight his discography.

Although being in person is ideal when it comes to enjoying live music, this is a close second.

And thanks to the uploader of this video, here is the setlist with timestamps if you are looking to hear your favorites first.

Set 1:

0:28 The Fire on My Tongue

4:45 Black Clouds

17:15 Way Downtown

21:08 End of the Rainbow

30:41 While I’m Waiting Here

38:36 Shenandoah Valley Breakdown

45:23 Heartbeat of America

51:45 Fiddling Around

54:30 Dust in a Baggie

1:00:33 Freight Train Boogie

Set 2:

1:03:33 On the Line

1:08:10 Ernest T. Grass

1:14:36 How Mountain Girls Can Love

1:18:38 Fire Line

1:28:24 Thirst Mutilator

1:36:53 Hollow Heart

1:39:42 Make Me a Pallet on the Floor

1:44:09 Streamline Cannonball

1:48:02 Love and Regret

1:54:47 I’ll Remember You, Love, in My Prayers

1:59:09 Bronzeback

2:01:40 Look Up Look Down That Lonesome Road

2:06:50 Turmoil & Tinfoil


2:20:34 I’m Gone, Long Gone

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