Washington Commanders Sean Taylor Tribute “Statue” Is An Absolute Joke

Sean Taylor

15 years ago, the life of star Washington Commanders defensive back Sean Taylor was taken way too early, after he was murdered by burglars raiding his home.

It’s still heartbreaking to this day, as the man was on his way to a potential Hall of Fame career, as he was a Pro-Bowler in two of his four seasons in the NFL, and had just gotten his first second-team All-Pro back in 2007.

Taylor was a true talent that made a major mark in the NFL in only a short amount of time, and will forever be one of the biggest “what ifs,” if he hadn’t died in a senseless murder.

But unfortunately, Washington has a bonehead owner named Dan Snyder, who has not only ran the Washington Commanders into the ground, becoming a bottom feeder in the league, but is widely hated across the league by his peers and own fans, doing some scumbag things like suing season ticket holders who were unable to pay due to the Great Recession in the late 2000s, and also even banned signs from being waved at FedEx Field for a brief amount of time.

Not to mention the allegations surrounding his abuse of cheerleaders…

The list goes on and on and it’s too much to explain in one blog, but the guy is a complete scumbag, and it’s a miracle he’s been able to maintain his job as long as he has.

And to add to his list of shame, he pulled one of the most disrespectful stunts I’ve seen in a long time to a player that means so much to the Washington Commanders organization.

The Commanders had been teasing a Sean Taylor statue to be placed at FedEx Field for quite some time, and rightfully so.

With that being said, they unveiled the “statue” today…

Turns out, it’s just a mannequin in a glass box.

Seriously, it looks like a mannequin you’d see standing at your local Macy’s, with just a Commanders uniform and a helmet. The uniform doesn’t even match with the pants being Reebok and the jersey Nike. Looks like they just found some gear laying around somewhere and threw it on.

I mean my God, the least you could do is make an actual statue.

You can tell that the crowd isn’t too pleased as well if you look at the faces, and judging by the awkward applause that was given.

The reaction is exactly what you’d expect:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock