Deer Appears To Have A Seizure While Working A Scrape In Wild Video

buck seizure

Seizure? Demon possession?

You be the judge.

A video surfaced on Instagram earlier this month, of a buck working a scrape in an unknown location.

However, in the middle of the video the buck hits the deck out of nowhere, and his whole body tenses up, almost appearing like it’s having a seizure.

That’s what well-respected whitetail biologist Grant Woods believes, who posted the video to his Instagram account Growing Deer TV, according to Outdoor Life.

He says that a man named John Gibbs was the one who submitted the video of the wild trail camera footage, and asked for his opinion of what may have happened.

Woods shared:

“I’d never seen anything like it, but after talking back and forth we think this buck had a seizure. I’ve never heard of or seen anything like it, and not a mention from any of my colleagues about a buck acting like that.”

Woods adds that seizures are not a symptom of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), or Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD).

He said he believes the cause of the seizure wasn’t from something the buck ate, either, as it would be likely other deer in this buck’s location would’ve had a similar reaction.

However, the buck returns back to the scrape and begins to act completely normal in later footage Woods reviewed. But after taking a closer look, they noticed the buck was missing an eye, and it’s hard to tell if the buck had lost the eye before the seizure was recorded.

But if that was the case here, Woods believes the video may have a different explanation for the seizure:

“I assume—and this is a total assumption—that he got in a fight [with another buck] and somehow got his eye knocked out. And there was probably some neurological damage with that injury.

We’re just piecing it together here and I need to make that clear, but I think it’s a pretty logical conclusion.”

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