Lainey Wilson Hints At A Love Interest In Yellowstone Season 5: “You See Me Kissing On Somebody, You’re Gonna Be Real Shocked”

Lainey Wilson country music yellowstone

Lainey Wilson has been one busy woman this year.

From seeing her country music career continue to take off, to joining the cast for Yellowstone season five, and getting ready to see if she’s taking home a CMA Award tonight, Wilson may be one of the hottest names in country music right now.

Of course, she’s the second country star to be added to the Yellowstone cast, following Ryan Bingham who plays Walker on the show.

We have very little info about what she’ll be doing on the show, beside the fact her character’s name is Abby and she’ll be getting to play her songs.

However, she just leaked a little info about what we can expect from Abby this upcoming season while on Audacy’s Rob + Holly.

And according to Lainey, she’s gonna be playin’ tonsil hockey with somebody.

She said:

“I haven’t seen it yet. I’m gonna be just as shocked as y’all. Especially when it gets a little further into the season, you start to see me kissin’ on somebody, you’re gonna be real shocked.

Twenty dollars is twenty dollars.”

Ohhh boy.

Now, I’m wondering who it’s gonna be…

She also discussed how great it will be to have her dad by her side at the CMAs after his health scare:

“That’s a win in itself. He’s getting’ all dressed up.

This actually used to be his dream when he was a little boy. He used to roll picnic table out to the side of the highway and stand on it with his guitar and pretend he was Glenn Campbell.

He was one of those guys, he was just tryin to make a living, and so farming is what he ended up doing.”

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