Ward Davis’ ‘Live From An Undisclosed Location in Hays Kansas’ Is One Of The Best Live Albums I’ve Heard In A Minute

Ward Davis country music

Ward Davis DOES NOT miss.

A recipe for a great live album includes some good stories, a killer tracklist, great vocals, and a little shit-talking in between.

Ward Davis does that on his latest album, Live From an Undisclosed Location in Hays Kansas.

“Yeah. I did a live album in Hays, Kansas. The man tried to keep me down, but he couldn’t. I broke out. Went on the lam. But I would have my vengeance. I blew into Hays like a dust storm, and took them for all they were worth. Muhahahahaha.

I kid. Those folks in Hays rolled out the red carpet like no one ever has, and whatever you take from this record, I can tell you we had a blast making it.

It’s a raw, real life performance, and I’m tickled to finally get it out.”

He opens the performance with a killer performance of “Papa and Mama.”

The perfect opening song. A murder ballot that seamlessly matches the album’s branding. The old western ‘wanted’ sign inspiration takes a modern twist to fit the criminal tune.

He tells a great story at the start of “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?” that perfectly sums up pre-show rituals.

He takes some time to thank the crowd during this tune as well.

“It’s really cool that I’m out here even doing this because… you know, we don’t get played on the radio. And we don’t get played on stupid ass CMT either.”

As he continues, fans yell, “WE LOVE YOU!” from the crowd.

And would it really be a Ward Davis show if he didn’t play “15 Years in a 10 Year Town?”

This song will always be a knockout for me.

Ward Davis is a top-notch performer and songwriter. This performance is damn good and backs up every reason we have ever named why we love Ward Davis.

It’s a damn shame that Ward Davis doesn’t get more recognition in the public eye of country music because Ward Davis IS country music. This album is a must-listen.

“I’m Not The Devil”

“Time To Move On”

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