Golfer Chases After Wild Pig Who Took Off With His Golf Ball

wild boar

For those of y’all who have seen the legendary Adam Sandler golf movie Happy Gilmore, then you probably recall the scene where the alligator steals Happy’s golf ball, and he jumps into the pond and beats the ever livin’ hell out of the gator to get his ball back.

Of course, it’s completely fictional, but as a golfer myself you never think about creatures that live on the golf course that could possibly steal your golf ball at any given moment, whether it’s birds, deer, squirrels, gators, or elephants if you live in Africa.

With that being said, this is a creature I never would think to be a threat at a golf course, much less your golf ball…

And I’m talking about wild pigs that roam the course.

In the footage, you see a golfer approaching a group of wild hogs after he hit his golf ball in their direction.

However, as he’s driving up, one of the hogs picks up his golf ball and darts off in the other direction, stealing his golf ball for good.

He gives chase, but nothing doing…

Man, I’d be pissed.

Good golf balls ain’t cheap, and if he was playing with a Titleist golf ball, he has every right to be irate.

Them feral hawgs, man, they ain’t good for anything besides wrecking people’s property and stealing golf balls.

Wherever this golf course is, I say they need Ted Nugent to come flying over in a helicopter to take these things down.

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