Soccer Fan Manages To Collect A Beer From Every Country In The World Cup This Year


Many of us would like to think of ourselves as beer fanatics.

But I’m just gonna go ahead and say it right now, I’d like to bet my life savings that this guy would have every last one of us beat.

Let me introduce you to 35-year-old Gus Hully from Bidford-On-Avon, Warwickshire, who has been gathering beers from across the world since May.

And what exact countries, you may ask?

I’m talking about every country that’s competing in the World Cup at Qatar, which is whopping total of 32.

And according to Lad Bible, Hully has even managed to snag non-alcoholic beers from countries where alcohol is banned, like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iran.

And this isn’t the first time the music industry analyst has pulled off this kind of feat, as he did the exact same thing back in 2018.

As far as this year’s brands go, they include the likes of Kronenbourg 1664 from Fance, and Tyskie from Poland. He’s even managed to garner a few unheard of beers, like Tunisia’s Celtia and Argentina’s Quilmes.

Another wild brand he was able to obtain was La Gazelle, which had to be shipped from it’s origin country Senegal in Africa by a Russian stranger from northern Italy.

Hully weighed in on the process:

“Some brands were particularly hard to source. I know people in places like France for example who went around all the corner shops for me and couldn’t find some brands. Thankfully I don’t have to order in bulk, I don’t have the space in my flat for that.

Around the country there are so many stores that sell more unique brands of beers so I tend to try and source them individually that way. I got the original idea about 10 years ago from a guy on an internet forum who was doing something similar.

I was sure I could do better than that, so decided to make it a tradition. I drink them as something of a toast every time a team is knocked out or to celebrate their victory at the end.”

He also discussed the wild shipping process:

“Sometimes I do have to get them shipped in, and some beers couldn’t even get shipped to the UK due to Brexit rules so I had to get them sent to my friend in Germany who then brought them over.

I had to monitor this Senegalese beer ‘La Gazelle’ on Untapped from June or July hoping someone would pop up with it on holiday.

I was hoping I could message someone and see if they could bring me one back.

I didn’t hear anything for two or three months, but then this Russian guy on holiday checked it in.

He lived in Northern Italy though, so he managed to source me the Senegalese and Tunisian beers which he sent to my pal in Germany, and that pal then sent them on to me alongside the Costa Rican ‘Imperial’ beer he had himself.

It’s not easy to get them all in, some you have to put a little bit of legwork into.”

Needless to say, the guy is gonna have a lot of exotic drinking to do once the World Cup rolls around.

How many of these have you had? Aside from the High Life…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock