Woman Slips And Nearly Falls Off A Cliff Taking A Photo At The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon tourist

I just have one question. Why?

I don’t understand adrenaline junkies, considering I can’t even look out the window of a high rise apartment without getting a little bit nauseous, but I can respect them, because there’s no way I could do half the things they do.

However, I will never understand why they feel the need to break the rules, when death is a very high risk.

And here’s exhibit A.

Here we have what appears to be a couple of morons in a restricted area at the Grand Canyon.

And when I say restricted area, I mean walking across the edge of a massive cliff, with one wrong step that could ultimately lead them 6,000 feet to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, a one-way ticket to the after life.

Why would they risk it? For a sweet pic and a little bit of TikTok clout? It appears so, because it looks like one of them is trying to take a picture of the other.

Sure enough, one girl takes the wrong step and slips. Luckily enough she caught herself early enough, or she would’ve been added to the casualty list at the Grand Canyon.

I just don’t get it, and I never will.

Check it out:

Grandpa Confronts Guy Who Jumped The Railing At The Grand Canyon

This almost got ugly.

Tourists at national parks acting like morons is no new topic of discussion, as we’ve seen an alarming number of them over the past year.

From tourists getting dangerously close to the wildlife and either nearly getting sent, or actually getting sent to the hospital, to idiots hopping the railing in dangerous areas of the parks, people get a rush from being stupid.

And here’s our latest example…

Some dude and a girl tried to be edgy and hop the railing at the Grand Canyon, and were one misstep away from falling over 6,000 feet to their deaths. It’s pretty wild what some people will do for a cool snapshot and a little bit of clout, no matter what the consequences are.

And then this grandpa with the Sam Elliott voice, who appears to be a military veteran walks over, and needless to say, he ain’t happy.

He immediately says:

“Why would you do that? Why are you are such a tool?”

And then completely out of left field…

“You’re under arrest.”

Total boomer move, I know… but the moron had it coming to him.

And of course, the smartass responds:

“Who the f*ck are you? Are you f*ckin’ senile?”

As the two are in each other’s face, the grandpa says:

“What you gonna do about it punk? You may be young but you don’t scare me. I’ll put you over that.”

Needless to say, old man was ready to bring out that grandpa strength and throw the smartass over the railing and into the afterlife.

Finally, a woman intervenes and breaks them up, but it’s easy to see the old man was seeing red and was willing to teach the kid a lesson.

Wild, man.



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