Koe Wetzel Battles His Inner Demons On “YellaBush Road,” An Early Favorite From New Album ‘Hell Paso’

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The wait is no more.

Koe Wetzel’s highly anticipated and long awaited Hell Paso album is finally here.

There’s a number of stellar songs on the record, but there’s one song in particular that’s about as deep cutting as it gets, and it’s titled “YellaBush Road.”

The song is all about how Koe has the world in his palm of his hand, practically on top of the world, but fame just doesn’t feel the way he expected.

He also sings about longing for home, but then this conviction he feels whenever he sees people in his hometown, stemming from how he’s lived his life over the past few years. Whether it’s jealousy, disapproval, or both, it doesn’t feel great.

And although he tries to put a smile on his face and tell everybody he’s okay, there’s some hurt inside that he just can’t get escape.

Even though he struggles with these feelings at times, at the end of the day, he’s still thankful and counts his blessings.

The lyrics make it crystal clear:

“Tell me why I’m feelin’ this way
Hometown hero without the cape
Just a poor motherf*cker
Who grew up on YellaBush Road
My grandparents still look at me the same
And I feel bad when I tell ’em I’m okay
Yeah the people in this town say I’m too far gone
Well I’m better than most
And worse than others I’d say
And I’m way too blessed to bitch today”

As much as you love the rockers, the “fuck you” songs, and the absolute jams like “Creeps,” “Money Spent,” and “Cabo,” it’s songs like “YellaBush Road” that really make the album what it is… that’s where we really get to tap into the mind of Koe Wetzel for five minutes.

Check it out:

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