Luke Combs Kicks Off The Brand New Season Of MeatEater With Steven Rinella

Luke Combs et al. in camouflage uniforms

The biggest TV show in the hunting industry is back, and one of the biggest names in country music helped kick things off with the first episode.

Part 1 of the show’s 10th season debuted yesterday, and Luke Combs took to social media to share some long-awaited pictures of an antelope hunt he filmed last fall with MeatEater host Steven Rinella. The show debuted in 2012 on the Sportsman Channel, but in 2018 it became the first hunting show to be aired on Netflix.

Considering Rinella is one of the most renowned hunters on the planet, there’s no doubt that Combs likely learned a ton of hunting skills from Rinella while out in the field; the big man also showed the MeatEater crew some of his skills too.

In October of 2020, Rinella shared some footage of Comb’s showing the guys the proper technique for shotgunning a beer.

Rinella shared a preview of the episode last year by showing some footage of a Combs doing what he does best and jamming out on his guitar around a campfire.

Of course, cold beer and a campfire is the perfect ending to any hunt, but when it’s the biggest name in country music playing his songs, the moment is even more special.

The tune that Combs’ played in the video is pretty particular, too, his hit song “This Ones For You.” The song is the title track off his debut album, and it spent 50 weeks at #1 on the charts, which tied a record set by Shania Twain’s “Come On Over” for the longest stretch at #1 for a country album.

It’s easy to see why Combs named the entire album after that song though, it’s a powerful tribute to all of the people that helped him reach a point in life where he’s living out his dreams, selling out arenas with his music, and getting invited to join the biggest TV show in hunting.

You’ll need to sign up for a Netflix account to check out the entire episode as the show is exclusive to that network, but if you’re a hunting fan, then the cost of a subscription is worth the price just to check out the MeatEater episodes, especially if you’re a Luke Combs fan too.

Rinella has also been joined on the show by some other pretty big names, including New York Mets first basemen Pete Alonso, the great and powerful Joe Rogan, and more.

As a thank you for the hunting trip, Combs also donated an autographed guitar to a MeatEater auction raising money for increasing access and opportunities for people to get outside and hunt and fish.

You’ll need a good chunk of change if you want the guitar, though and it appears there are some Luke Combs fans out there because bidding for the guitar is already up over $6,000 after just the first day.

“Thanks to MeatEater for having me be a part of episode 1, season 10 where Steve and Janis took me and The Brothers Hunt on a antelope hunt in Wyoming; you can watch it now on Netflix.

Also, I donated an autographed guitar to their Land Access Initiative auction that is live on their website ( All proceeds will help their team find more land to help folks hunt and fish.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock