Koe Wetzel Drops The String On One Of His “Largest Free Range Bucks” To Date While Bowhunting In Texas

Koe Wetzel country music
Jake Hayden

Looks like Koe Wetzel has been having himself a helluva time out in the great outdoors this fall.

With his tour wrapping up back in November, the man has had a little down time to get out there and fill up the freezer on more than one occasion.

He hit the Texas flatland with his buddies Hunter Redman and Jake Hayden for a little bow hunting, and needless to say, it was worth the time.

He posted a pic via Instagram of the massive eight-point buck he harvested, which he says is the biggest free range buck he’s bagged with a bow to date.

He said in the caption:

“Monsters are real! Was blessed enough to take one of my biggest free range bucks with a bow to date.

Can’t thank the homie Hunter Redman enough for the opportunity and Jake Hayden being behind the camera to get it all on film.”

He also added that the 8-pointer scored 155 1/2.

He bagged a buck last month, as well as another in October.

No doubt about it, the freezer is definitely full at the Wetzel house.

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