Auburn Football Player Sings Luke Combs’ “Better Together” For “Masked Singer” Spoof During Game Against Texas A&M

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When it comes to college football, every school has a specific tradition that makes them unique.

At Clemson, they rub the rock and run down the hill. At Virginia Tech, they run out to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” At Iowa, the crowd waves to the patients at the nearby children’s hospital, and the list of traditions go on and on and on.

However, at Auburn, they have a new tradition that’s one of the coolest I’ve seen in a hot minute.

For every home game this season, they pick a player to pose as a “masked singer,” and the player chooses a song to sing while they disguise themselves in a football helmet with a visor and a jacket, so fans can’t tell who the player is.

They play the bit on the jumbotron, and the fans get multiple choice answers of who the player may be.

We were at the Auburn-Texas A&M game this past Saturday and got to witness this badass tradition first hand, and luckily enough, the player sang “Better Together” by Luke Combs.

The singing? Pretty meh I must admit, but it was one helluva song choice, and it was awesome watching 87,000 plus fans in Jordan-Hare Stadium singing along on a beautiful November night in Auburn.

And for the “masked singer?”

It was revealed to be senior star defensive end Derick Hall, who’s straight from Gulfport, Mississippi and is a self-proclaimed “big country music fan.”

Ya gotta love it. I hope they keep this tradition alive and well for years to come.

Check it out:

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