“God Love Her” Is One of Toby Keith’s Most Underrated Songs

Toby Keith country music

Toby Keith has a . . . wide range of songs in his catalogue.

From silly party songs like “Red Solo Cup” and “As Good as I Once Was” to more serious (and patriotic) tunes like “American Soldier” and “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue,” he’s covered a variety of topics.

But for my romance-lovin’ heart, one song is absolutely the Toby Keith stand-out, and that’s “God Love Her.”

Now, I wouldn’t call this song unpopular by any means, but I’m still gonna claim that it’s underrated because I haven’t heard it talked about as much as say, “Red Solo Cup” or “Should’ve Been A Cowboy.”

The song is that classic good girl/bad boy story about the preacher’s daughter falling in love with motorcycle-ridin’ rebel:

“She holds tight to me and the Bible
On the back seat of my motorcycle
Left her daddy standing there
Preaching’ to the choir
You see God love her
Oh me and God love her…”

The song says that her parents don’t approve and probably won’t ever approve of their daughter being with the singer with her mother even crying when she first saw them together, but they know they can’t stop her.

The pair run off together, but she continues to call her parent to update them on where they are.

The song shows the trials and tribulations the pair go through and what they overcome because of each other:

“And the fast lane got empty
And out of control
And just like an angel
She saved my soul from the devil”

The singer claims that she saved his soul, but he also fulfills her desire to fall in love with a bad boy while seemingly being a good partner to her.

One of my favorite parts of the song though is that this girl keeps her faith even as she’s run off with the bad boy. She isn’t forced to choose one belief or desire. She gets to be complex and exist in both her parents’ world and his world.

The song is just really sweet and fun, and the music video perfectly captures how I think this couple interacts.

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