Watching This Monster Lake Trout Through Crystal Clear Ice Almost Has Me Excited For Ice Fishing

big trout

Winter’s a coming.

That’s not what we want to hear, but it is the truth.

The end of fall means colder temperatures and snow are about to fly. Many areas this means the end of most hunting seasons. Along with the weather comes more restricted access to the woods.

The one outdoors sport we have to look forward to is ice fishing. The crutch of an outdoorsman’s winter. Often not a favorite of fishermen, but still a good way to hold over the itch for a few months between seasons.

The odds are really the same though. You still have a great chance to hook into some monsters if you’re in the right area. And seeing a monster fish come up through the ice is almost satisfying enough to get you amped for some ice fishing.

Up north, trout are a popular target species during the winter months. They still taste good during those times so you can spend a day fishing and come away with a pretty good feed.

A lot of the time with ice fishing, the expectations are mediocre. It’s something to do, it’s nice to get out fishing, but you just may have no luck in the same spot you couldn’t stop hooking them the time you went before.

These lads were out for a day catching some lake trout on the crystal clear ice of Lake Superior when they hooked into something that just felt different from the rest. The have a few decent sized trout already caught and kept laying next to their hole.

But, this fish on the hook is a monster. A lake trout comes up and you can catch a view of this beauty through the crystal-clear ice.

The boys freak out as it goes broadside and shows them how big it really is.

He gets it to the hole but has to reach down to pull it up through because its so large. He goes into the water, through the 20-inches of ice and grabs ahold of its tail lifting the monster up and out.

The joy and excitement have me checking my gear seeing if I need anything for the upcoming winter.

Nice catch, fellas.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock