Dillon Carmichael Drops Blue Collar Honky Tonker “Beer Ain’t Gonna Drink Itself” For ‘Son Of A’ Deluxe Edition

Dillon Carmichael country music

If you haven’t gotten on the Dillon Carmichael train yet, it’s time to get your ass goin’.

When it comes to keeping pure country music with that good ol’ ’90s country feel alive and well, Carmichael is atop the list, and the talent comes honest as he’s the nephew of John Michael Montgomery and Eddie Montgomery from Montgomery Gentry.

Needless to say, the two passed the torch down to their nephew, and the guy is exploding onto the scene and making one helluva name for himself.

Carmichael released an album last year titled Son Of A, one of our personal favorites in 2021 here at Whiskey Riff.

I still find myself spinning the title track and “Hot Beer” like crazy, and it’s been right at a year since the album was released.

With that being said, he’s officially released the deluxe edition for Son Of A, where he added a brand new song called “Beer Ain’t Gonna Drink Itself.”

“Beer Ain’t Gonna Drink Itself” is a good timin’ honky tonker that once again will have you reminiscing on some good ol’ ’90s country, as his music so often does.

The song is everything you want in an up-tempo beer drinkin’ song, with simple lyrics and an infectious sound that make you wanna grab your significant other and go down to the local line dancing joint, or pound some beers with your buddies on a Friday night.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock