Australian Shepherd Herds Massive Bull Moose Towards Its Owner Out On A Hike

Shepherd moose

What a good boy.

Or… at least he is trying to be.

I mean, I certainly don’t want an up close and personal encounter with a moose, but having a dog that wants you to see a big ol’ bull doesn’t sound like a bad thing either.

Moose are actually one of the most dangerous animals to roam our woods. Although it seems out of their nature to harm humans, their poor eye sight and high guard makes them likely to be confused and possibly show aggression.

However, reasons for aggression can vary depending primarily on the gender of the moose. Cow moose are very protective of their young, like any good mother. But, bull moose still can show signs of aggression especially during breeding season, they aren’t exactly using their brain during this time of year.

The last thing anyone wants is an animal that can weigh upwards of 1,500-pounds with giant paddle antlers charging at them.

This good boy was out for a glorious day of hiking through the woods. An Australian Shepherd’s dream. They are a loyal, smart and active herding dog, naturally they love running around the forest chasing after any critter they can find.

But, that should come with caution given their skill set of herding…

This good boy was running around on a mountain side when his owner thought he caught a case of the zoomies. It’s a common thing for these dogs to get when they’re excited and out for a hike.

The owner played it off as just another day until he realized that the dog was actually herding something towards them.

Then out came the big ol’ bull moose staring at them.

Everything worked out fine for hiker and dog, but it is certainly not a habit you want the pup to have.

Either way, that’s one good boy.

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