Morgan Wallen Flies Five-Year-Old Fan Battling Leukemia, And Her Family, To Meet Him At First Headlining Stadium Show In Texas

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This the coolest story I’ve heard in a while.

Morgan Wallen recently flew a five-year-old fan named Gracie, who is currently battling leukemia, to his first headlining stadium show at Globe Life Field in Texas on October 8th.

She is a huge fan, and even had a Morgan Wallen-themed birthday party a few weeks ago, so you can only imagine how excited she was to go see him play, and meet him in person, at such a milestone show in his career.

Her mom just shared the sweet video of Gracie and her parents backstage with him over on TikTok, and it’s quickly gone viral in the last 24 hours or so since it’s been up.

And actually, the story of how it came to be is pretty cool, as Brevin, who you hear Gracie’s mom reference in the video, is the one who first told Morgan about Gracie.

He is a fan who met Morgan back in July, after Morgan found out Brevin had been dealing with some tough stuff at home and school.

Apparently, during their meeting, Morgan asked Brevin what he wanted for his birthday, and Brevin asked that Morgan meet Gracie, who he had seen on TikTok and knew how much she loved Morgan too.

I mean, that alone is enough to melt your heart.

Per Brevin’s request, Morgan and his team made it happen, and when you see how excited little Gracie is when Morgan comes in the room, it’s just a heartwarming moment for a little girl and her family who have no doubt been to Hell and back dealing with her sickness.

When Gracie first sees Morgan, she of course has a huge smile on her face, and runs up to give him a big hug.

He introduced himself to her parents, as well (as if they didn’t know who he was), and told Gracie he liked her outfit and asked her how old she was.

It’s a very sweet video, and it will certainly make your Wednesday a whole lot better.

This is what country music’s all about:

@prayersforgracie Gracie meeting her biggest fan! @morganwallen @brettfitness #dreamcametrue❤️ #WeStickTogether #fightingleukemiasincebirth #teamgracie #fightingleukemiawithadance #fypシ ♬ original sound – Gracie

Gracie’s mom shared a few other videos from the night on Instagram, and you can clearly see that she’s in Heaven seeing her favorite artist play her favorite songs, and I couldn’t love this any more:

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