Charley Crockett Performs “July Jackson,” “Black Sedan,” & More For CMT Campfire Sessions

charley crockett country music

Charley Crockett on CMT… must be a damn miracle.

Look, I grew up on watching country music videos on CMT just like everybody else, but these days, CMT plays more reruns of King Of Queens and Last Man Standing than it does country music.

So to see Charley Crockett on their latest episode of Campfire Sessions? Pretty damn cool.

Fresh off the release of his latest studio album, The Man From Waco, Charley sits by the fire at the home of visual artist Brett Hunter to deliver some phenomenal performances, including the likes of “July Jackson,” “Black Sedan,” and “Time Of The Cottonwood Trees.”

Melissa Goldberg, VP of Digital & Social Media at CMT, calls Charley a magical performer:

“There’s a magic to Charley Crockett. You hear it in his recordings, and his live shows, and you see it when he walks in the room.

On a warm summer evening, out there amongst the creatures, we tried to bottle a bit of that magic in his Campfire Session. Sharing this one with fans I can only hope that they’ll be as enamored with Charley Crockett as we all are.”

Good stuff.

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