Watching A Mountain Goat Herd Easily Scale A Steep Mountainside Is Simply Amazing

mountain goat

What an animal.

Mountain goats have to be one of the coolest animals out there.

They live on mountains constantly, and not just any old mountains, the Rockies… on the rocky part of them.

They are a large animal, weighing in between 100 and 300 pounds. Due to the harsh environment they live in they have a bunch of adaptations to help them survive. Their fur is thick for insulation in the harsh climate of high altitudes, along with it being white to camouflage them into snow. They have strong neck and shoulder muscles that allow them to pull themselves up hill easily.

Up hill is an understatement, its more like straight up a cliff, but we will get to that.

Their muscles allow them to jump up to 12-feet in a single hop. Their hoofs are wide and have rough pads that allow them to grip to the rocky terrain where they choose to reside.

That is one rugged animal.

I once asked a man if they tasted good. His response was “only after a few beer around a campfire,” and just about anything is good then. The point being, they are so rugged that their meat is incredibly tough.

Watching them at work is a spectacle to be seen, and it’s almost unbelievable what they can actually do and where they can live.

There is no easy way about it, their young has to figure out the harsh terrain right out of the gate.

This herd of goats are seen scaling the side of a rocky mountain with relative ease.

It’s almost scary watching them walking across the steep slope, and then straight up a mountain side.

The person who recorded the video described what we all are feeling.

“I had to quit filming as I was too scared to watch.

Two little ones ended up being left behind but after about 5 minutes and many heart palpitations from me, they made it up safe and sound and were reunited with their family”

What an encounter to witness.

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