Tourists Scatter As Giant Bull Elk Hops Over Fence In Rocky Mountain National Park


This is not a zoo.

I repeat NOT A ZOO.

There are thousands of warning signs everywhere you look within these parks. Hundreds of employees enforcing these rules and strong recommendations. Along with new videos continuously popping up mocking individuals putting themselves in harms way. I mean there’s literally pages dedicated to stupid tourists in certain parks…

And it’s once thing to get close to an animal when you’re young, relatively healthy, and can at least try and run away if it all goes south. But if you’re not quite as nimble as you once were, maybe keep a little more distance, eh?

Bull elk are a massive animal on average. Ans the bigger than average ones are just enormous. They can push 1,000-pounds and the have antlers that can be up to 6-foot long on their own that come to sharp points just waiting to gore you.

This group of tourists stopped roadside to get pictures of a giant bull elk. The elk immediately doesn’t appreciate the attention he is receiving.

The tourists seem to think they are protected by a 3-foot tall fence from an animal that is 5-foot tall at the shoulders on average… I see no logic.

The elk is annoyed and hops the fence to scare of the idiots.

Needless to say, he is successful as they all scatter as fast as they can… some not so fast.

Someone needs to come get their grandma who’s about to die chasing a bull elk around the park.

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