Pack Of Coyotes Take Down A Nice Young Buck Who Fights Hard Til The End


Nature is brutal.

We see it everywhere.

It’s an “only the strongest survive” world out there.

It creates a respect for wildlife that is hard to describe. Day in and day out they fight to find food, breed, and survive. Everything they do is a challenge and when it’s not, they should be even more on edge because danger is always lurking around the corner.

Deer have a hard go. They aren’t the biggest of animals until their older years, if they are lucky enough to even survive their first year.

Just about every predator goes after deer fawns, as they’re an easy target, but many larger predators such as bears and wolves will hunt mature deer too.

Sure, they have antlers and some long legs to fight back, but sometimes, it’s just not enough. If a predator gets in close, there’s a good chance it’s going to take them out.

Areas with high deer populations usually have a rise in predator populations as well. Whether it’s cougars, wolves, bear or coyotes. They all love them some deer. It’s hard to blame these predators because hell, I love deer too, but it’s easy to hate them… because I love deer too.

This young buck is seen having a feed in the middle of the night when a coyote approaches. He starts to fight.

Then another yote shows up and it’s pretty clear that this boy is into some trouble. The buck fights with everything he has but ultimately the pack is able to get ahold of him. It’s not a fair fight with more than one opponent, and coyotes and wolves have the distinct advantage of fighting in numbers.

The coyotes are able to use their numbers and get the deer from behind, then the neck. The buck fights as they take it to the ground, but they prove to be too much for the buck to handle.

Another nice one lost. I think I’ll go for a coyote hunt…

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