Alligator Knocks Trapper Out Cold With Nasty Headbutt

Alligator TKO

This gator was having none of it.

These bad boys can be a bit of a nuisance and inhabit just about anywhere with water and some food source. A ditch with some house cats nearby is enough for an alligator.

If you’ve ever been somewhere where they live, odds are that you’ve seen one just about everywhere.

They pose little threat to humans, but when they do pose a threat it can be a dangerous situation.

They have one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom, so you definitely don’t want to find yourself between the jaws of one of these prehistoric looking beasts.

In residential areas, they are often removed for the safety of kids, pets and people… there’s just no sense in risking the obvious if you can avoid it.

This video comes as a surprise as the bite was no risk at all. The local trapper had a gator all tied up and ready for transport coming out of a neighborhood. The hard part was over, right? Wrong.

An alligator is a large animal, they can weigh up over 1,000-pounds and 15-foot long… with much larger ones being reported.

Although they aren’t known for their speed, they can be super-fast in short bursts. This trapper found that out the hard way.

As they load the gator in the box of his truck for transport, the gator had enough. In a flash, it turns and pops and catches the trapper right in the chin.

The gator knocks this man out COLD!

It then turns and tries to make an escape. He couldn’t get away, being hog tied and all, but what an attempt.

Word to the wise… watch out for those alligator head butts.

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