Mike And The Moonpies Announce They’re Sending “Hour On The Hour” To Country Radio

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Mike and the Moonpies have been one of the best independent country groups for more than a decade, and further solidified their name as a country music mainstay with their epic 2021 album, One to Grow On.

Arguably our favorite album of 2021 here at Whiskey Riff, One To Grow On featured a number of stellar hits, from “Hour on the Hour,” to “Paycheck to Paycheck,” “Rainy Day,” “Brother,” and hell, there ain’t a bad one on the project.

Not to mention, they’re one of the best live acts in the business.

With that being said, Mike and the Moonpies are taking a major step towards getting the nationwide recognition they deserve in mainstream country music, as they announced that “Hour on the Hour” hit country music radio, today.

This is a huge leap, considering the overproduced, lyrically shallow music mainstream country radio continues to hammer, although it is on the upswing compared to 6-7 years ago.

The group shared on Twitter:

“We’re sending ‘Hour on the Hour’ to MAINSTREAM COUNTRY RADIO. TODAY.”

“Today’s the day, folks! There’s a tune on our latest album ‘One to Grow On’ called ‘Hour on the Hour’ that y’all may be familiar with. Since we’ve been touring the new record, y’all have been singing ‘Hour on the Hour’ back at us at the top of your lungs at shows and letting us know how much it means to you.

Well, we love the song as much as you do so we want to try and spread it as far and wide as it will go so everyone can belt out the lyrics in the car. So we’re sending it to MAINSTREAM COUNTRY RADIO. TODAY. Here’s where we really need your help.

We need y’all to reach out to your local country radio stations and ask them to play this song. Call, text, tweet, dm your local station and djs and let them know you want to hear ‘Hour on the Hour’. Hell, do it every hour on the hour. Every little bit counts.

Let’s see how far we can send a song with a steady backbeat and a cryin’ steel guitar. As always, we appreciate y’all for spreading the word! LISTEN TO ‘Hour on the Hour'”

I’ll be hoping to hear this one on my local country radio station very soon:

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