World Class Idiot Lays Down In Front Of Bison At Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone bison

You can’t fix stupid…

Idiots are a dime a dozen at Yellowstone, or any national park for that matter. I mean, idiots are a dime a dozen everywhere you go but Yellowstone just seems to be the perfect storm… it’s packed with people, it’s packed with wild animals, and everybody already has their phone or camera out, ready to capture the madness.

Exhibit A…

This clown stumbles across a bison at the park, and rather than keeping a safe distance and snapping a few pics for the ‘Gram, he decided to lay down on his back to get the shot… with his phone.

Nope, not a professional photographer trying to get the right angle… he’s a doofus with a cell phone.

Of course, it goes without saying that laying on the ground in front of one of these half-ton beasts leaves you insanely vulnerable should it decide to charge.

I know we’re all rooting for the bison in this particular video, but luckily, the man appears to get away unscathed.

Just mind-blowingly dumb… but hey, it’s par for the course lately.

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A beer bottle on a dock