Bull Elk Nearly Walks Right Into Bowhunter’s Arrow For Shockingly Close Shot

Elk hunter

Just because I’ve never been on an elk hunt doesn’t mean I don’t know exactly how I’d have acted in this situation…

I’d have absolutely freaked out, spooked it off, and possibly ended up on the bad side of a elk charge.

Which is why what this guy was able to do is absolutely incredible.

South Cox of Stalker Stickbows was hunting with Born And Raised Outdoors when the elk they were tracking decided to start walking towards them.

It got closer.

And closer.

Then let out a guttural bugle from only about 20 feet away.

And it still got even closer until it was actually just a few feet away.

When the elk walks past him and gives up his broad side, South lets the arrow loose and buries it deep in what has to be the shortest kill shot of all-time. I mean what was that, 2 feet?

The most impressive part of this is his composure. Not only is he keeping his cool while a monstrous elk walks directly towards him, he’s holding a recurve bow at full draw the entire time, which is extraordinarily impressive.

Unlike the typical compound bow, there’s no catch at the end that holds the draw, so he’s literally pulling the entire time while staying pretty much completely still.

Very, very impressive.

Safe to say the elk went peacefully and everyone got to enjoy the spoils.

But damn, my heart is still racing…

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