Willie Nelson Releases Awesome Live Perfomance Of “Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground,” From Forthcoming Live Album ‘Willie Nelson Live At Budokan’

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This is one of those Willie Nelson songs that stops me in my tracks every time.

And “Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground,” one of his signature songs, is set to be featured on the forthcoming live album, Willie Nelson Live At Budokan.

Produced by Willie’s longtime harmonica player and friend Mickey Raphael, it will include sound of Willie’s historic 1984 Tokyo concert, which was the first time Willie and his family band ever played there.

The songs have been previously officially available as a LaserDisc in Japan, but clearly, no one really consumes music that way much these days (and they’re nearly impossible to find), so they’re finally bringing it to streaming platforms everywhere.

Willie says that he believes music has the power to transcend cultures and beliefs, so he’s excited to be able to bring this special show to people all over the world now:

“I believe that music, not only country music, but I believe that music is a great communicator.

I think that it crosses all boundaries and I think that the people, regardless of whether they understand what I’m saying or not, they would feel what I’m saying and they will hear it in whatever language they are listening.

I think that is the great thing about music.”

A broadcast edition of Willie Nelson Live At Budokan is part of special programming premiering on PBS stations beginning Saturday, November 26th, which will include live footage from the show.

Willie famously wrote “Angel” for his starring role as a country singer in the 1980 film Honeysuckle Rose, and it ultimately became his seventh number one as a solo artist when it reached the top spot on the Billboard U.S. Hot Country Songs in 1981.

The live album will be out everywhere in a little over a month on November 18th.

I swear, I could listen to him sing this all day long…

“Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground”

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