Minnesota Man Shatters North American Record With 2,560-Pound Pumpkin


Yep, this would put the great pumpkin from Charlie Brown to shame.

We all remember the good ol’ days as a kid, going to the corn maze and pumpkin patch with your family, and trying to pick the biggest pumpkin in the patch to take home and carve, just in time for Halloween.

Of course, I’m talking about pumpkins that you could carry yourself to your mom and dad’s car…

Not a fork lift and a semi-truck bed.

With that being said, just in time for spooky season, we now have a North American record for largest pumpkin ever grown, and it’s straight out of the small town of Anoka, Minnesota.

According to ABC 7, Travis Gienger knew he had a shot at a potential Guinness World Record with his massive pumpkin he named “Maverick,” so he decided to travel over halfway across the country to Half Moon Bay, California for the annual World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off and give it a shot.

And boy, he was damn near close, because “Maverick” weighed in at a whopping 2,560 pounds, the largest pumpkin ever recorded in North American history.

Needless to say, Gienger couldn’t contain his excitement:

“I always tell people back home, this is like the Super Bowl of pumpkins.

This size, I’ve been hitting it with fertilizer 14 times a day, watering quite a bit but I had a really big plant too, most people don’t understand this was like a 2,000 square foot plant that was just a monster.”

Winning the World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off is nothing new to Gienger, as he won it in 2020 with another massive, 2,350 pound pumpkin.

This year was his second year competing, so he’s two for two, and he took home a sweet $23,040 in prize money.

Unfortunately he came up short of the World Record, which would have been an extra $30,000.

It’s still held by Stefano Cutrupi of Italy, who obtained the record last year at 2,703 pounds.

Check it out:

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