Comedian Picks Up & Chugs Beer That Was Thrown At Her By A**hole Heckler At New Jersey Comedy Club


I truly salute standup comedians out there.

Bombing is inevitable, especially when you’re starting out, you’re probably not making much money at all, you have to travel a lot, and on top of it, you literally sign up to tell jokes in front of a crowd with the intention of putting smiles on everybody’s faces, just to be met with a few people in the crowd with the intentions of trying to ruin the night and the show.

Sure, you can’t please everybody, but it’s genuinely sickening that there are assholes like this out there who run the anti-fun club and try to make everybody else miserable just to make them feel good about themselves.

And these days, we have the “cancel police” looking to end the career of every comedian who’s ever told a dark joke. I can’t for the life of me why people who are easily offended go to watch a stand up comic… it’s mind-blowing.

Comedian Ariel Elias was onstage at a show at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.

Everything appeared to be going smooth, until Elias allowed a Q&A session for those in the crowd.

One woman (obviously incredibly intoxicated) decided to ask her if she voted for Donald Trump.

Elias played it off like a joke, saying that she could care less who anybody voted for and went on with the show, until the woman said again:

“So you voted for Biden?… I can tell by your jokes you voted for Biden.”

That’s when Elias hilariously responded:

“I can tell by the fact that you’re still talking when nobody wants you to that you voted for Trump.”

The heckler delivers a few more drunk comments (that nobody could understand,, and when Elias attempts to go on with the show, a beer can goes flying across the room and nails the brick wall behind her, spewing everywhere.

This is where I really respect Elias.

She picked up the beer can, looked at the woman in the eyes, and chugged what was left in the can.

That’s a power move response right there.

But seriously, it sucks that we live in a day and age where nobody can go one second without somebody bringing up something about politics, and it’s sad that even comedians have to deal with it as well while they attempt to do their job in the best way possible.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock