Chaotic Girl Brawl Breaks Out At The Morgan Wallen’s Record-Setting Globe Life Field Concert

Morgan wallen concert fight

Morgan Wallen had himself one for the history books this past weekend.

This past Saturday, Morgan Wallen packed Globe Life Stadium in Arlington, Texas with a whopping 43,500 people… good enough for the biggest concert crowd the stadium has ever seen.

Granted the stadium isn’t that old, it officially opened in 2020, but the likes of Lady Gaga, Metallica, and more have played there.

Nevertheless, a huge weekend for Morgan.

And it was a huge weekend for a handful of females who went viral throwing hands during the show.

We all see the normal fan fights at sporting events, and nine times out of 10, alcohol is involved. Guys get a little liquid courage, start talking shit, and the next thing you know, fists and beers start flying.

Same goes for concerts…

However, what’s a bit more rare, but also more entertaining… the chick fight.

We see these once in a blue moon, and typically when we do, they aren’t any good and it’s a glorified pillow fight. A lot of hair pulling, a lot of name calling, weak punches… it’s quite the comical sight to see.

But every once in a while you’ll get a damn good one, like this one.

A fight broke out between a few girls at Morgan Wallen’s concert in Arlington, Texas.

Luckily enough somebody videoed the fight, and you see a girl in a white tank top and pig tails start swinging on a girl in a black tank top.

Then, it turns into some good ol’ fashioned cat fightin’.

At first, it appears that the girl in the black tank top’s friends (maybe they’re friends?) decided just to walk away and not get involved, but it’s the same scenario as if you’re playing in a baseball game and a teammate gets into a fight. Everybody on the field is obligated to get involved.

So, the other girl walks back over, and you see the girl in the green tank top hold the girl in the white steady and separate them until security arrives and breaks them up for good.

I gotta point out a couple great side characters though… the guy in the red checker-pattern shirt just holding his beers above the chaos, as to not spill a drop, that’s a veteran move right there.

And then the security guard… a middle-aged man diving into the middle of the chaos, wondering why the hell he’s breaking up a chick fight at this age. I mean, doesn’t the look on his face say it all?



A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock