Willie Nelson Teams Up With Randy Carson For New Duet Of “Who’ll Buy My Memories”

Willie Nelson country music

Incase you were wondering, Willie Nelson is still killin’ the country music game right now, even at the age of 89.

The country music icon has released a whopping 98 studio albums over his extensive career, but it’s easy to see that the love and passion is still there, and he’s gonna keep playing music until he physically can’t do it anymore.

Not to mention, the guy released a full on album titled A Beautiful Time earlier this year.

With that being said, ol’ Shotgun Willie is back at it again, teaming up with fellow country artist Randy Carson, for the honky tonk heartbreaker “Who’ll Buy My Memories.”

“Who’ll Buy My Memories” was originally written and sang by Nelson, on his 1984 Music from Songwriter album.

It’s a song about a man who simply cannot escape the memories he made with his former significant other, and he wishes that somebody could buy his memories, so they’re no longer on his mind.

The lyrics speak loud and clear:

“A past that’s sprinkled with the blues
A few old dreams that I can’t use
Who’ll buy my mem’ries of things that used to be

There were the smiles before the tears
And with the smiles some better years
Who’ll buy my mem’ries of things that used to be”

I mean sheesh, somebody needed to check on my guy Willie when he released this one, that’s a tough one.

Of course, we’ve all been there at some point in our lives, wishing we could remove some memories from the past, so there’s a great sense of relatability in this one.

Check it out:

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